Origins of ShadyBeans Coffee

We buy our coffee beans from several farms around the world - each are special and unique which makes our coffee premium and high-quality

About The Coffee Origins


Guatemalan coffee's uniqueness stems from a blend of factors—rich traditions dating back to the 19th century, diverse indigenous communities, distinct growing regions in a compact area, breathtaking landscapes with numerous volcanoes, and a contemporary dedication to quality.


Colombia's coffee has thrived due to perfect growing conditions, and in return its quality coffee and rich falvor, making it a global favorite. Its traditions stems back to the 19th century, and today it's a cornerstone of Colombia's economy and cultural identity.


As one of the world's oldest coffee producers, Ethiopia's coffee heritage is fundamental to its identity and remains a significant part of its economy and cultural practices. Ethiopia is known for its diverse coffee flavors and varieties, attributed to different growing regions and methods.


In recent years, the country's coffee industry has flourished, with a commitment to quality, and gaining recognition for its diverse flavors, cultivated amidst lush landscapes and a growing focus on sustainable farming practices.


Indonesia's coffee history, traced back to Dutch colonization, has cultivated unique varieties like Sumatra Mandheling and Java. Its distinct processing methods yield rich, earthy flavors, making its coffee a standout in the global market.

Feature of the Month

Addicted to J's Cup is a go-to premium coffee favorite, which should be no surprise as in Guatemala's highlands, where history meets innovation, lies a treasure—dark-roasted, fair-trade, organic coffee, that is 'Addicted to J's Cup.' Its tantalizing blend of chocolate and molasses flavors is born from the rich volcanic soil and traditional washed process. This coffee isn't just a drink; it's a testament to Guatemala's heritage, ethical values, and dedication to crafting an exceptional brew

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