Breaking the Silence: How Shady Beans Coffee is Revolutionizing Mental Health Conversations, One Cup at a Time.

We have been talking a lot about the start and launch of our e-commerce coffee company, Shady Beans Coffee. One of the first questions we get is ‘Why did you start Shady Beans Coffee?’ Well the truth is, is that we have lived in a society and do live in a society where talking freely about mental health is generally frowned upon, looked down upon, made fun or light of, and there is just a generally stigma around it. 

As the co-founder of Shady Beans Coffee, I have struggled with my mental health my entire life - I have suffered from depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, PTSD and OCD. I always found it challenging and still do to just have a conversation with someone about it - either there is a lack of understanding, people aren’t open to it or they don’t know what to do to help or some may poke fun.

So we started Shady Beans Coffee on the premise of reducing mental health stigmas through using the power of Shady Beans Coffee to start a conversation. We all have a story, telling your story has impact and meaning, but also listening to someone else’s story can help to increase the conversation and develop a safe community amongst each other. 

We find that coffee can be that conversation starter for either the individual that needs to be heard, the individual that needs help, the individual that needs support or the individual that supports or is trying to help a loved one.

So we started Shady Beans Coffee because we want people to come together over Shady Beans Coffee and start a conversation to reduce mental health stigmas. 

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