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Eating Disorders

Jennifer Rollin

Why we like following Jennifer Rollin - She is an Eating Disorder Therapist and the author of 'The Inside Scoop' on ED Recovery and her posts are about "you" not having to feel trapped anymore.

National Alliance for Eating Disorders

Why we like following National Alliance for Eating Disorders - It's a non-profit and leading national organization providing education, referrals and support for all eating disorders.

Megsy Recovery

Why we like following Meg - She shares her personal eating disorder recovery and all the things that helped her. She keeps it real, but it is also encouraging and motivating.


Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.)

Why we put A.A. on here - It's an international fellowship that provides support for individuals recovering from alcohol addiction. Their website offers information about AA meetings, the 12 step-program, literature, and online resources for those seeking help or support.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Why we put NA on here - It's a global community of individuals suffering from drug addiction. Their website offers information about NA meetings, literature, step work guides and online resources to support recovery.

Very Well Mind

Why we like what 'Very Well Mind' offers on addiction - In general, the page is educational from substance abuse verse use, how to talk to a partner about use and what to expect from detox.


Why we put Al-Anon on here - It's a worldwide fellowship and support network specifically designed for family members and friends of individuals struggling with alcoholism. Al-Anon provides a safe and confidential environment where people affected by someone else's drinking can share their experiences, hope and strength.

Drop The Bottle

Why we like following Drop the Bottle - It's community oriented to assist people who want to stop drinking alcohol become the best version of themselves.

Depression / Anxiety

Very Well Mind

Why we like what 'Very Well Mind' offers on depression - In general, the page is educational - from coping with depression to ways that partners can help those close to them suffering from depression. They even have a podcast that feature a variety of topics related to depression and anxiety.

The Depression Project

Why we like following The Depression Project - It's a mental health service that allows you an opportunity to join depression boot camps. Their posts express the real struggles of living with depression with bright colors.


Jennifer Blossom, M.S.

Why we like following Jennifer Blossom - She gets real with how hard it can be to overcome trauma, and that it takes work. She posts about content that aided in her healing.

Very Well Mind

Why we like what 'Very Well Mind" offers on PTSD - In general, the page is educational - from understanding the triggers of PTSD, including delayed-onset PTSD.


Stomp Out Bullying

Why we put this page on here - It's a leading anti-bullying organization. Their website provides resources, educational materials, awareness campaigns, and support for bullying prevention and intervention.

The Trevor Project

Why we put this page on here - It's a national organization focused on crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ + youth. They provide resources, support, and a 24/7 helpline for LGBTQ + individuals who may experience bullying.

All encompassing


Why we like following to write love on her arms - It's a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. The posts are consistently about showing up, having safe spaces, and that the world, well just needs you!

Faith Broussard Cade

Why we like following Faith Broussard Cade - She offers daily affirmations through inspiring YOU to take care. The posts are handwritten and colorful.