Little Bean


Light roast with shades of Floral Aroma, Blueberry, Jasmine, and Citrus

Enjoy the unique taste of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee - a light-bodied brew with a floral aroma. The meticulous washing process ensures purity and a smooth taste with notes of blueberry, jasmine, and citrus, ending with a subtle lemongrass finish, leaving a trail of subtle sophistication.

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More about Little Bean

Once upon a time, there was a coffee bean, named Little Bean who was planted in a beautiful countryside farm. But Little Bean faced a problem: conditions were harsh, toxic, and unpredictable, with dry and rocky soil and little rainfall. Little Bean struggled and felt despondent, alone, and afraid. Despite the challenging conditions, Little Bean fought to grow and survive. 

One day, a kind farmer noticed Little Bean’s struggle and transplanted it to a new shady location with fertile soil and more support. In time, Little Bean overcame its trauma and thrived in its new community. Growing up or living in toxic homes can have a significant impact on an individual's development and well-being. 

Studies show that adults who experienced abuse or neglect growing up  are at increased risk of developing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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reamonn clifford
Little Bean Coffee

such a delightful Ethiopian light roast coffee

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