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Dark Roast - Chocolate with hints of Molassess


Single Origin

Our signature dark roast celebrates the savory side of coffees highlighted by the decadent dark chocolate and a gentle touch of molasses sweetness. We roast the coffee in a way that captivates the deep flavors with our Guatemalan coffee, cultivated in the high mountains with rich fertile soil and refreshing mountain air. Its smooth lingering finish leaves you with a comforting embrace, energy, and focus.

Grind Type
How to Brew

We suggest using a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:18 for optimal extraction, ensuring the best flavor from the coffee grounds. Our blends perform exceptionally well with either a pour-over method or an automatic drip machine at home. For home grinding, target a consistency resembling the texture of coarse sea salt.

Customer Reviews

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Jerry B.
Coffee Excellence

Easy online ordering, and received my order quickly. Coffee packaging is super convenient with zip-up feature, and most importantly coffee tasted fantastic. I’ve ordered each of the varieties, and they are equally delicious. Lastly, very impressed with the energy jolt that clearly comes with high quality roasts and properly sourced coffee beans. Great job to team Shadybeans Coffee!

Kelly Pramberger
Happy and Super Pleased

This coffee is so smooth and delicious. I love the packaging and meaning of the product and was super excited that it matched my taste expectations!

reamonn clifford
Addicted to J's Cup

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